Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ladies - caught up in the quest to remain forever young?

Well, throw away your stair master and those anti aging gels - I've discovered the secret to remaining gorgeous and desirable for all time.

On holiday in Italy, I've uncovered what has to date been known only to Sophia Loren and a few million other Italian women - Italian men.  Yes, this particular incarnation of the male gender holds the key to feeling beautiful, desirable, and absolutely fabulous JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!  And they're so easy to administer - no confusing instruction manual, regimes to follow or challenging time demands.  Just plop yourself down at a table in any ristorante or barrio and let Italian men begin to work on you.  Within minutes, you'll be surrounded by at least one, if not more, Mediterranean hunks, all vying for your attenzione.  Stay long enough, and you'll be the recipient of several declarations - of love, of a desire to wine and dine you, and a commitment to give you the best night of your life - in that order.  No one has your eyes, no one has your luscious lips - for these men, you are the most beautiful women god ever created.

How quickly will you see results?  Well, if my experience of yesterday is anything to go by, you should see an Italian man working his magic in around 10 minutes.  Although if you do decide to take one up on the offer of the entire package, I would imagine you may need the whole night to see lasting results.  

I resisted my young Fabio's offer on this occasion as I really needed to wash my hair.  But today is another day ...

Love, Me

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