Saturday, September 4, 2010

Needles to say... TCM rocks!

Living abroad certainly has it's privileges, it's joys, it's travails.
A particularly heavy (emphasis on the word heavy) bout of business
travel to countries near and far (I'm currently holed up at the Bunker
Bay Resort near Margaret River in Western Australia-more on this next
post) and to put it bluntly, my lower back was f*cked. Yesterday at
noon I had narrowed down the choices of comfortable standing positions
to an amusing (painfully so) combination of Quasimodo meets Yoda.
Duty called though and I was unable to simply tuck myself up on the
sofa or seek out Maisy my masseuse. It was us at a client luncheon
that relief was first mooted. A client of my client took one look at
me and said "you need acupuncture". It will fix you.

Fast forward. 25 minutes later I was flat on my tummy having 15
needles strategically inserted into key points on my back, neck and
the back of my knees. A few minutes of resting, then twisting of each
needle (it doesn't hurt at all!!) then a few more minutes of resting
then the needles are removed, the doctor gives me a brisk deep tissue
massage and I jumped off the table. 3 hours later all remnants of
pain had disappeared.

Which was a good thing as I jumped onto a flight to Perth at midnight.
I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough!

Now if I could stop the gin and tonic from leaking out of the fifteen
holes in my back, I'll be sorted!

Love, Me