Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bunkering down in Bunker Bay

Most of the following will likely end up on the TripAdvisor website
where I also share my rants and opinions. But there are a few unique
elements of my review of the Quay West Bunker Bay resort that I'll
share strictly with this audience.

Firstly. Go here. Stay here. It's great and you'll love it.

Now for the more mundane crapnthat I would only bore people who love
me and my faithful follower (thanks Laura) with .. You know, the

Actually not much --- except for the most brilliant night sky I have
seen in a long time. There's no moon so Venus sits in all her glory
positively dominating the night, rather than upstaged by the bloody
moon. Grey friggin blot that screws with our tides.

Personal bugbear on hotel bathrooms. Install proper lighting!!!
Downlights may be all the rage but they are shit in the bathroom. A
woman wants lighting from the sides of the mirror facing out to ensure
she's not putting mascara where it don't belong. And as most designer
architects are male - get with the plot! You want a happy woman going
to dinner with you.

Now on to dinner. I love table watching - a challenge in most joints
as the mere fact that I'm a solo traveller pretty well ensures I'll be
served and booted as quickly as possible. Tonight was rich pickings.
The ubiquitous honeymoon couples. The working on saving their
marriage table. The 'i'm so getting laid tonight' table and finally,
the we're having our first dinner with your parents and I hope I don't
piss your dad off because I really expect to shag you tonight and by
the way I'm from Wales.

A few wines in and the future son in law is no longer sitting ramrod
straight, he's puffing his chest and starting to stand up for himself.
Face it daddy, you're little girl is grown up.

I love this life!