Saturday, January 2, 2010

In MY day ...

If you're human like most of the folks who read this blog (or any blog, for that matter) the subject line calls to the mind the memory of an adult lament regarding 'days gone by'.  Usually involving statements regarding snow and the distance covered by walking to school therein - and oft times peppered with qualifiers such as 'shoeless' or 'without gloves' or 'in the driving rain', these exclamations served to remind us 'youth' that we got it good!
Well, my turn.  In MY day, the most difficult part of renting a car on holiday was the 10 minutes you took to work out where the headlights and wipers switches were.  Not so today.  Today, you may indeed wish to arrive early at the rental car company - not to pick up your car but instead to allow yourself plenty of time to acquaint yourself with its myriad of gadgets.  My recent rental includes the following (not all of which I worked out on Day 1 - most have come to me post a particularly intriguing game of 'what does this button do'):
- automatic lights
- automatic windscreen wipers
- bluetooth - for my phone AND my computer (work that out)
- a/v input for my ipod
- GPS - with 6 different languages and 3 different accents (Tim took me all around France ...) - GPS is, by the way, the reason why I'm certain the divorce rate is going down.
- keycard / push button start
- automatic parking brake engaged / disengaged

But, would you believe, there is no CLOCK!  A simple analogue or digital clock is an optional extra.

Go figure.  But leave plenty of time to do so ...