Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Cure for Cancer

I'm reasonably certain the title of this blog entry will twig a few search engines.  And for good reason, I'd like to believe.
I'm in France, southern France to be precise.  And there are great things about southern France.  Cassoulet for example.  Corbieres wine, to note another.  But one thing missing from southern France (and, I'd suspect, from most of France) is English television.  CNN and BBC World acknowledged, there really is no free to air proper, life fulfilling, energy lifting tele available.  Unless you have broadband and some nous.  I'll leave the enabling technology description there - I'm fairly certain I'm currently breaking several UN conventions.

Where was I?  The cure for cancer.  Laughter - what did you think?  But here's the detail - Top Gear.  This is laugh out loud stuff.  This is 'my gut aches and it isn't a bad batch of cassoulet' stuff.  I've been catching up on the recent weeks - including the Bolivia special - and my sides are splitting!!  Although I didn't sleep well last night after the Bolivia special - and it wasn't due to the wine I'd consumed, the aperitif (G&T of course, the starter of champions), the Champagne or the Port (well, maybe the Port) but instead as I watched Jeremy carefully navigate on the death road, I was terrified.  But other than that, I laugh - hearty, out loud, can't contain laughs.  And these are the very best medicine.

Top Gear - BBC - should really get an NHS grant!!!