Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Big Day Out!


Carrefour, the French supermarket giant, in conjunction with every Singaporean and Expat living in Singapore, are pleased to present ...  "A day in le Uber Marche"

I was raised in the world of 'put everything under one roof, add a few shopping trolleys (carts, for the USA readers), the odd screaming 2 year old (and eventually their mother) and you've got yourself a grocery store.  No one wants to visit, no one voluntarily goes shopping and certainly not with said screamers in tow.  And thus, I've matured into an organically astute, fresh is best, save the little farmers, greenie.  For the most part, I'll patronise the local 'wet markets' where if it's not still wriggling, it probably was 30 seconds ago.

But every now and again, I slip.  I feel the tug of aisle upon aisle of crap no one needs, let alone should consider eating.  The scent of WD40 liberally applied to the fourth wheel of the trolley - the one with a mind of its own - beckons.  I yearn to fight the allure of the 80 year old woman parked strategically in front of the deli counter urging you to try the 'new, improved, no animals lost their lives to this, bbq flavoured meatish product'.  You know, the one that tastes like fish.

And so off to Carrefors I trundle.

What I find particularly intriguing is that in Singapore a trip to the supermarket is akin to a family outing.  In a land where most with children of an uncontrollable, dispicable age (1-23) have nannys, they still insist on bringing everyone to the market.  Mom, pop, grandma, grandpa (either or both in wheelchair), 2.4 chidren, the nanny, plus the little fat kid from next door. 

What I want to know is, while they're all on their supermarket holiday, who is home lying on the sofa, eating junk food and watching TV???