Friday, March 19, 2010

iPhone Rehab - the next Killer App!

I'm a computer person.  Not simply a computer literate person, or indeed a person who leverages technology as appropriate to assist in the achievement of both daily tasks and all encompassing life goals.

No.  I'm a COMPUTER PERSON.  Have been for years.  It started with a modulator demodulator which cradled a phone receiver back in the late 1970's.  As I grew, technology grew.  We grew together.  And for 30 plus years, I've revelled in the sights and smells of RAM, ROM, HDD, FDD, WIFI, Bluetooth, thin casing, touch screen etc.  And that's just the hardware.  In fact, when upgrading from husband v 1.0 to husband 1.5 and from husband 1.5 to ?? (iHusband 2.0 yet to materialise), one of the greatest challenges lie not in our emotional break up but instead centred around who got what in relation to all the IT hardware and software we'd collected.  Bugger the albums (I got ALL of those), the CD collection (my half - now redundant with the advent of MP3 players - of which I have 7).  No, the issues which found us lawyering up was binary in nature.

Don't get me wrong - with all this technology whoring I've been doing for decades - I have, until yesterday, remained faithful.  I am a PC/Windows beyatch.  I didn't mind the MAC's in the early days, until the moment with the entire pussy designer creative fey types declared the MAC as their icon.  The disdain levelled at me when I'd venture into their domain (the art department at work) was too much to bear.  "A pc you say.  Eew.  Well, I guess for you linear, left brainers, that's enough."  And this made me angry.  And stubborn.  And so even throughout the years where I was used and abused by Microsoft, I remained faithful.  I let them pass me from operating system to operating system, without uttering so much as a 'please, not again' - the 80's and 90's a blur, as Windows, Windows 3.0, 3.1, 95, 2000, Me, XP (and all it's variations), Vista, and now 7, held me prisoner in my home office in an upgrading stupor.

I still love my PC.  Or should I say, PC's.  I have several.  And they come in all shapes and sizes, desktop to laptop, to mobile device.  So this makes what happened yesterday even more unexplainable.

I purchased an iPhone.  Outright - no contract - full price (!!).  And I plugged it in.  And it synced with my Outlook plus everything else.  And it's dead sexy.  What can I say, I've finally strayed.  I'm breaking out and it feels great. 

I may need counselling soon.