Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Highly experienced Executives need only Apply

Having been away from the homestead for a number of weeks, a quick glance in the refrigerator confirmed that a trip to the grocery store was in order.  After all, one can’t live on flavoured vodka alone.  So off I trundled to one of Singapore’s ‘super’ supermarkets to replenish the larder and stave off starvation and further liver damage.  This particular market offers the choice of check out – full service or self service.  I tend to use the self service option, which allows me to minimise the time spent in a queue marveling at the purchases of the person in front of me and get home to sample my own goods.  All rational explanation aside, as I was completing my scanning yesterday I realised I had indeed come full circle.  Once again, 30 years on, I’m a checkout chick.