Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Company, Conversation, Cuisine, OH MY!

Tonight was a one off if ever there was a one off!  Very privileged to
have been able to meet up with the amazingly talented Namiko Chen, her incredibly bright and witty hubby and their two practically perfect children.

Nami has made my life in Nagoya richer, which may seem odd as they all live in San Francisco.  But the world wide web is the bringer togetherer (to coin a phrase) of a disparate lot and I'm a better cook when it comes to Japanese cuisine because of her generous nature, her culinary expertise and Shen's wicked production, web design and business sense.

You must indulge.  Start by surfing to  - and don't stop there - use this as your springboard to their YouTube Channel, their Facebook page and for goodness sake, sign up to have deliciousness delivered directly to your inbox.

Itadakimas. Love. Me.

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