Monday, May 19, 2014

Early Musings

To set the scene, my darling Prince Charming (aka Martin) (yes, per earlier post references, I found him) and I have relocated to Nagoya, Japan for a few years.  At least that's the plan, as Martin has secured a great new job here, we're expecting that we'll sail through the 90 day probation period and be calling Nagoya home for the near future.

It's a brilliant town.  While it's the 4th largest city in Japan, it nevertheless seems to feel cozy without being cramped.  We've had great fun walking (and walking and walking and walking), climbing stairs and availing ourselves of the terrific subway and train network.  It's incredibly easy to get around, and inexpensive, too.

Early observations:

  • Hardly anyone walks along staring down at a smartphone.  Big Plus!  And they're not to be used (for calls) on the trains, so peace for all is preserved.
  • There is no smoking on the footpath, but by all means feel free to ride your bike, zipping in amongst the pedestrians with a relaxed demeanour.
  • Speaking of bikes, unlike Australia, where there is palpable animosity between car owners and bike riders, here they are welcomed and indeed encouraged.  No helmet laws either, so it doesn't ruin your 'look'.
  • The Japanese in general, and Nagoya is no different, having amazing fashion sense.  At every age, men and women alike take great care in their grooming and dress - regardless of particular style.  It's like 1953 New York.  Or what I imagine 1953 New York was like, I hadn't yet been born.
  • After living for the past 7 years in Singapore, Nagoya is very affordable.  The rent on our fully furnished, serviced apartment in the downtown area is on par with our flat in Singapore, while everything else is about 40% cheaper.
  • The population of the greater Nagoya basin is around 2.5million.  In a space of 326sqkm, them's good density numbers.  Even on the weekends, when the weather is lovely (and it has been the past two weeks) you don't feel crowded.
Every walk brings new insights, new adventure.   And that's what life's meant to bring, right?

Love, Me

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