Monday, May 23, 2011

Should I be concerned??

A stuff and nonsense post:

I've been travelling to Jakarta, Indonesia (a country in SE Asia for the edification of the geographically/politically challenged) on a regular basis for the past 8 months.  Jakarta has a reputation for having the most horrendous and death defying traffic jams, with every variation of motorised and non motorised transport (lorry, bus, car, tuk tuk, motorcycle, moped, foot) jockeying for pole position in what appears to be a perpetual F1 event.   The rumours don't do the reality justice.

It's so chaotic, that an odd zen-like state descends upon me as I arrive, to be swiftly spirited to my 'limo' for the hugely risky trip to my hotel.  I couldn't possibly die here, it's too logical.  I will go in a stupid, silly way, like slipping on the dance floor while doing the limbo at my 120'th birthday extravaganza.

There is ONE thing that gives me the creeps during these trips, however.

It's the COCKROACH traps under the passenger seats.

Love, Me

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