Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recharging the Power of Observation

On a recent flight between Singapore (my base) and Hong Kong (my destination), a journey I traverse with regularity, I finally put my finger on the *ONE* deficiency in the otherwise impeccable service that Singapore Airlines is rightfully known for … this being the apparent lack of training in the art of ‘observation’.


Here’s the situation:  I’m tucked up nicely in a business class seat (the widest in the world).  And although I’m not nearly wide enough to enjoy the distinction (at a glance there’s no one else in the business class cabin I feel like inviting in for a glass of champagne), my window shades have been pulled down to allow me a clear view of my 14 inch private movie screen (not that I asked the steward to do this, he just felt compelled to lean rather precariously over me and draw them both down – a skill, apparently, that well-moneyed travelers are unable to master), the champagne has been refilled and I’m now watching “The Bounty Hunter” with Gerard Butler (a man who competes only with Clive Owen as the most delicious, edible, lickable man on screen this decade) Bugger.  Did I type that outloud?


Now here’s the rub.  The SIA team are SO BLOODY ATTENTIVE that they can’t seem to go 5 minutes without interrupting me to offer up yet another secret surprise offered only to us ‘front of planers’ – and to further my aggravation (not their intention I’m certain), none of the flight crew can see that I have headphones on and as they launch into the latest offer, I’m completely unable to hear them.  Despite any number of exaggerated ‘pulling the headphones from my ears and now making eye contact and reminding you that I cannot hear you with my headphones in and perhaps you’d like to take a breath after getting my attention to allow me the opportunity to pause my movie and remove my headphones and then provide you with my full attention’ attempts, I’m still subjected to the over attentions of the kings and queens of client service.


I’d head to the back of the plane from now on, however I know from personal experience the SIA crew assigned to look after the victims of the GFC suffer from the same affliction, so there’s no reason to overreact.  I mean, seriously, if I want to be studiously ignored, treated like a third class citizen and general pain in the arse by the crew employed to make my journey comfortable, I’d fly BA or Qantas.


love, me xx